Why Do Morgues Prefer Woman? The Truth

A Twitter thread talking about why some beauty pros dodge male clients took an unexpected turn. Suddenly, the convo was about why morgues like women better. Famous writer Roxane Gay found the creepy answer – it’s all about some old-time religious customs and a desire to safeguard deceased women from necrophilia. This brings up a whole new chat about how men and women are treated differently, and how even in places you wouldn’t think, like a morgue, women need to be protected.

Why Do Morgues Prefer Woman?

“Why do morgues like women better?” might sound like a strange question, but the answer is pretty scary. It goes way back to some old religious stuff. According to a TikTok from the Keeping It 101 podcast, the reason isn’t nice at all – it’s all about necrophilia. This horrible disrespect and harm, usually done by men to women, has been around for a long time.

Both Islam and Judaism have rules about who can prepare the dead for their final rest, and usually, it’s someone of the same sex. It’s about respect and modesty, but it’s also about trying to keep the dead safe from men who might harm them. It’s pretty freaky to think that even after they’ve died, women are still at risk.

Roxane Gay, the writer who wrote “Bad Feminist,” talked about this creepy stuff. She explained that hiring women in morgues is partly about trying to keep women safe from such disgusting things.

Sadly, this isn’t just a theory. In 2014, a guy from Ohio named Kenneth Douglas admitted he’d hurt many women who’d died between 1976 and 1992. He said he was drunk when he did these terrible things. It’s a grim reminder that even in death, women aren’t safe.

This horrible fact brings up a big question: Why are women still at risk of such terrible things even after they’ve died? This just goes to show that our society still has a big problem with how women are treated. While alive, women often have to dress or act a certain way to try to stay safe. But what can women do to stay safe after they’ve died?

These stories show us that we need to make some big changes. The problem isn’t about what women wear or where they are, but about deeper problems like how we raise and teach boys.

Hiring women in morgues is about two things. First, it’s about hiring people who probably won’t do these terrible things. Second, it’s about trying to give the dead women the respect, safety, and dignity they didn’t get in life. This is a sobering reminder that the fight for women’s safety isn’t over, even after death.

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Why Don’t Morgues Hire Men Anymore?

The idea that morgues aren’t hiring guys anymore is a pretty common myth. But, in real life, loads of guys still get jobs in morgues, and there’s no real proof to say that there’s any unfair treatment against men in this field. That being said, it looks like women are hired more often, and there’s a bunch of reasons for this.

First off, working in a morgue is tough stuff, both physically and emotionally. Some folks think women naturally have the kind of sensitivity and strength you need for this kind of work. This thinking, though a bit generalized, might explain why more women end up getting hired.

Next, there’s this societal idea about modesty. It’s usually thought that it’s better for women to deal with dead bodies, since they’re seen as naturally more modest, which might mean they treat the dead with more respect.

Also, not a lot of men are applying for these jobs. So, with fewer guys putting in applications, it looks like they aren’t getting hired as much. It’s important to remember though that this isn’t always the case – there are plenty of exceptions. Lots of guys are totally up for working in a morgue, and likewise, there are a bunch of women who’d rather not.

At the end of the day, whether you’re a man or woman doesn’t matter. It’s up to the individual morgue or boss to decide who they hire. There’s no law saying they have to prefer one gender over the other. The main goal is to hire people who can handle the tough demands of the job, no matter if they’re a man or a woman.

To wrap it up, the preference for hiring women in morgues goes back to some pretty weird ideas about preventing necrophilia, with these beliefs being super old. Even though there are these misconceptions, guys aren’t being kept out of these jobs. But, societal attitudes, emotional factors, and how many guys apply, tends to mean more women get hired. If you’re into this kind of thing, you could check out more discussions on 123Tik – Download TikTok Mp3 for some extra insights.

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