Why Can’t I Search On TikTok and How Can I Fix It?

There’s no arguing about the coolness factor of TikTok, the social media behemoth that keeps growing. With a crazy amount of new stuff every day, I’m just like folks all over the globe, totally hooked on the never-ending wave of new trends. The search bar, our best buddy in this ocean of videos, is super important. It’s what we use to track down specific stuff or connect with our pals on the platform. But what happens if one day you’re sitting there thinking, “Hey, why can’t I search on TikTok?” This annoying problem happens to a lot of us. In this blog, we’ll spill the beans on why you can’t search on TikTok, and even better, how to fix it. So, let’s figure this out and get you back to TikTok exploring.

Why Can’t I Search on TikTok?

TikTok is known for its snappy video content and serves as our go-to distraction to kill time or discover cool stuff, whether we’re waiting for a bus or just chilling. Sometimes, we’re on the hunt for something specific – a certain user, a unique video, or a hot topic. That’s when the search function becomes super handy. But what if it fails and we’re left wondering, “Why can’t I search on TikTok?” Let’s check out some possible reasons:

Encountering the Unavoidable Glitch

Encountering the Unavoidable Glitch

A lot of times, the reason for the TikTok search bar not working might be a simple glitch. Keep in mind, the search function needs a steady internet connection to work its magic. So, if you’re struggling with search problems, check your device’s Wi-Fi or cell data. If TikTok’s been blocked from using your cell data, change this setting – you might see your search function spring back to life.

TikTok Server Issues

why can't i search videos on tiktok

A common problem with digital platforms like TikTok is server downtime. This can happen when loads of users are on the servers or when the TikTok team is doing updates or server maintenance. During these times, you might find that you can’t access account features, including the search function.

Shaky Internet Connection

Shaky Internet Connection

An iffy or slow internet connection can be a big pain when trying to enjoy the best of TikTok. A shaky connection can mess with loading content and even affect the search function. To check your connection, try surfing a website or testing your internet speed. If the connection is slow, try rebooting your router or switching to a different network, if you can.

App Glitch or Bad Update

tik tok won't let me search videos

Sometimes, the annoying “Why can’t I search on Tik Tok?” question could be because of a glitch in the TikTok app or a badly done update from the developers. Apps that need regular updates to work properly can sometimes have problems due to a botched update. While it’s not always clear why these glitches happen, they can usually be fixed with simple solutions.

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How to Fix the “TikTok Search Not Working” Issue

When I run into the TikTok search bar not working, I wanna find a fix fast. Let me share nine handy strategies I’ve found useful when dealing with this issue. Hopefully, these will give you some relief too.

Solution 1: Check Out TikTok’s Server Status

If something isn’t working right on TikTok, the problem could be with the platform itself. Maybe the TikTok team is doing server maintenance or dealing with some unexpected stuff.

To check this out, you can hop over to a site like Downdetector, which gives real-time updates on how different platforms are doing, including TikTok. If there’s an issue with TikTok’s servers, there’s not much you can do but wait. If the servers are working just fine, and you’re still having issues, you might wanna consider the next fix.


When there are big problems with the platform, TikTok often talks about them on its Twitter page @TikTokSupport. If they announce a recent app issue, it’s possible that the search bar might be affected too.


Solution 2: Restart TikTok

One of the easiest but really effective ways to deal with most app issues is to restart the app. This helps freshen up the app’s resources and can fix errors or glitches. On most Android and iOS devices, you can shut apps down through the app switcher.

To get to it, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and find TikTok on the list. If you’re using an older iOS device, double-tap the home button to get to the app switcher. Then, swipe the TikTok app up to shut it down. Finally, go back to the home screen and restart TikTok. Now, try using the search bar to see if the problem’s still there.

Solution 3: Alter TikTok Search Filters

Alter TikTok Search Filters

I’ve noticed that changing TikTok search filters can have a similar effect as restarting the TikTok search function. It’s a way to freshen up the search results, possibly giving you different results.

So, if you end up with an error page or wrong TikTok results, try changing your search filters. It’s a simple tweak that might just solve the problem.

Solution 4: Try Searching with a Different TikTok Account

Interestingly, some users have reported that the search bar worked fine on their second TikTok account. This could mean that the search bar problem might be account-related.

If you have another TikTok account, try switching to it. If you don’t have a second account, you could ask a buddy if their TikTok search bar is working right. You could even leave a comment in the discussion section below for us or any other TikTok users to help you out.

Solution 5: Update the TikTok App

tiktok update photo

The issue with the search bar might be something that the TikTok team is dealing with on their end. So, they might come out with an app update with important bug fixes to fix the search bar problems.

So, it’s good for us, as users, to make sure our TikTok app is updated to the latest version. It’s even better to turn on auto-updates for apps like TikTok that we use a lot.

To check and install any TikTok app updates that are waiting, go to your App Store (for Apple) or Play Store (for Android), go to the TikTok app page, and tap the “Update” button if updates are available.

Solution 6: Turn On All Permissions for the TikTok App

Giving TikTok access to all resources on your phone might seem like a lot to fix a small search bar problem, especially considering TikTok’s pretty new and its controversial background. But, several users with the same problem found this method worked.

You can always turn off these permissions at any time, so you’re in control of your privacy when using the app. If these permissions are already turned on, try turning them off and then on again. Refreshing these permissions might be the fix you need.

Solution 7: Clear the TikTok App Cache

why cant i search videos on tik tok

Over time, the TikTok app cache can pile up and start hogging a lot of internal storage space. This buildup can slow down the app and mess with features like search. So, if I haven’t cleared out the TikTok app cache for a bit, doing so often sorts out glitches, including stuff going on with the search bar.

Solution 8: Reach Out to TikTok Support

If you’ve tried just about everything and the search bar still isn’t playing ball, it might be time to hit up TikTok Support. I’ve noticed that after reporting the issue, some peeps, including me, have seen the search bar problem “magically” sort itself out after a few days.

This could mean that it’s a backend issue that TikTok needs to sort out, or it might be an account-related problem that only TikTok can fix. Anyway, reaching out to TikTok Support can help speed up the whole fix-it process.

1. To report your problem, go to ‘Frofile‘ from the bottom bar, tap the menu icon at the top-right to get to ‘Settings and Privacy‘, then tap ‘Report a problem‘ under ‘Support & About‘. Choose ‘Feed/Search/Share


2. Then select ‘Search‘ and choose the relevant topic, like ‘Searching for content.’ To report your error, tap ‘No‘ under ‘Is your problem resolved?‘ and then select ‘Still have a problem


3. Write a quick description of your issue with the TikTok search bar and tap ‘Report.’ Don’t forget to check your Inbox now and then for their reply.


Solution 9: Reinstall the TikTok App

If clearing out the TikTok cache didn’t do the trick, you could go a step further by completely reinstalling the app. This gets rid of not just the cache but any other potentially messed-up app files. After reinstalling, you’ll have a fresh copy of the TikTok app, free from any leftover glitches.

Remember, sorting stuff out takes a bit of patience and a step-by-step approach. By trying out these fixes, I’m sure you’ll find a way to get your TikTok search function back in the game.


Different things might make you wonder “why can’t I search on TikTok”. These range from simple app glitches and server downtime to dodgy updates or a rocky internet connection. Luckily, as we’ve seen, there are loads of fixes available to sort out the issue. These include checking out the TikTok servers, restarting the app, switching accounts, updating the app, and even hitting up TikTok Support. In more stubborn cases, you might need to clear out your app cache or reinstall TikTok. Remember, a step-by-step and patient approach is the key to fixing stuff. Hopefully, this all-in-one guide on 123Tik has given you the tools to get your TikTok search function back to top-notch performance. Keep exploring, creating, and enjoying the wild world of TikTok!

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