What is The Rainbow Kisses Tiktok Meaning: Trend Explained!

TikTok is a hot spot for all kinds of stories and trends, from super fun to kinda edgy stuff. There’s this new trend that’s got people all curious – it’s called “rainbow kiss.” But, this trend isn’t about doing a rainbow kiss. Nah, it’s all about filming your reaction when you look up what it means. As much as the name “rainbow kisses TikTok meaning” might sound cool, it’s got a whole lot of layers and is a lot more risqué than you’d guess. So, buckle up, ’cause today we’re gonna dive deep into what makes this trend so darn interesting. Ready to find out more about this rainbow kisses thing? Let’s do this.

What is The Rainbow Kisses Tiktok Meaning?

rainbow kiss tiktok

The trend’s all about Googling the phrase “rainbow kiss” and filming your reactions before and after you find out what it means. Folks usually act out over-the-top skits to show how grossed out and shocked they are when they figure out what it means, pretending to be super scared. This TikTok trend is more about reactions than being creative, so it’s an easy one to hop on for views.

Another reason this trend’s taken off is ’cause folks can’t resist Googling stuff they probably shouldn’t, ’cause that’s just how we are. Just remember, this Rainbow Kiss trend isn’t about actually giving a Rainbow Kiss. That’d be way out of line and break TikTok’s rules. We’ll chat about if rainbow kisses are safe but you might wanna check out the latest TikTok spicy rose wine trend too!

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Are Rainbow Kisses Safe?

Rainbow kisses sure sound intriguing, but they ain’t just a quirky gimmick. If you’re thinking about trying one out, remember there’s some risks with this kind of close-up action. Some health folks have said straight up – don’t do it. Others reckon you could give it a go if you’re careful and know what you’re getting into.

Like Dr. Heather Irobunda, an ob-gyn, told Cosmo, “Semen and period blood can carry lots of different infectious stuff, like HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis. If you’re not sure about your partner’s STD status, you should be steering clear of rainbow kisses.”

When it comes to the health risks with rainbow kisses, Dr. Tanouye says they’re pretty much the same as any kind of unprotected sex. You’re talking HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and chlamydia. All of these STIs can be passed on through bodily fluids during oral and the risks might go up if there’s blood involved. If you’re into other kinky stuff with urine, feces, or vomit, you’ve got to be careful – you can get pretty sick.

So, if you’re thinking about a rainbow kiss, or any kind of sex stuff involving blood, pee, or the like, make sure it’s with someone you trust or who’s been recently checked for STD/STI.

How do you give a rainbow kiss?

First off, like with any kind of sex stuff, you gotta make sure both of you are on board. Start off slow, with a question that lets you see how they feel about something a bit more adventurous. You could say something like: “Can I ask about something a little extra fun?” or “I have something kinky I’d like to try, can we chat about it?” How your partner reacts will let you know how to go from there, Richman says.

You need to get the timing and details just right. To do a rainbow kiss, both partners start with oral at the same time, kinda like in the 69 position. One of you also has to be on their period. The goal: As one of you is going down, they’ll get some blood in their mouth, while the other will get some semen in their mouth after their partner finishes. Both partners can then kiss, mixing blood and semen, making a rainbow kiss.

Like a lot of sexual fantasies, doing a rainbow kiss means both partners finish at the same time (or real close). Otherwise, you’re keeping a mouth full of blood or semen for way too long! A rainbow kiss should be fun, playful, and close. So if one or both of you don’t finish, no worries! You can still kiss after oral.

How people react to the TikTok rainbow kiss trend?


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Though rainbow kisses aren’t exactly brand spanking new, peeps have only started searching for them on TikTok recently. The rainbow kiss video are mainly about how weird and gross lots of TikTok users find the trend when they’ve never heard of it before, much like other search-related stuff. All these TikTok video are done for laughs, and most don’t throw shade on those who are into the trend too much.

Sure, the trend can be a bit freaky to the uninitiated, but there’s no need to be super judgmental as long as folks are doing the rainbow kiss consensually and safely. Everyone has their own kind of kink, and in the end, all that matters is that both partners are safe, grown-up, and game.


After diving deep into the “rainbow kisses TikTok meaning” trend, it’s clear as day that social media apps like TikTok have turned into major spots for chats that go from fun and easygoing to pretty darn explicit. Rainbow kisses, as spicy as the name sounds, is a trend that’s got folks talking all over. It’s key to remember that while TikTok is a cool place for all kinds of expressions, knowing what they mean and potential health risks tied to these trends is super important. As the rainbow kisses thing keeps rolling, remember to come at it and other trends with all the info, making sure safety and both folks agreeing is top of the list. Stay curious, stay clued in, and keep coming back to 123Tik for your daily TikTok trend updates!

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