How to Trim Sound on TikTok in Minutes: Mastering TikTok Audio

Cruising around TikTok can be a daily dose of giggles, cool stuff, and surprises, but the app’s not just about scrolling through non-stop viral videos. When you’re the one making content, TikTok turns into an all-in-one video editing tool, and one trick you’ve gotta learn is how to trim sound on TikTok. The soundtrack you pick, whether it’s a hit song or an old-school classic, can totally set the vibe of your video. By tapping into the massive collection of sounds on TikTok, you’re diving into a whole new level of creativity. And here’s the game-changer: you can make these sounds fit your video like a glove by learning how to trim them.

Trimming a sound or tune on TikTok isn’t just about making it fit the length of your video; it’s about boosting the story and rhythm of your content. Ready to kick your TikToks up a notch? Let’s dig into how to trim sound on TikTok.

How to Trim Sound on TikTok Before Recording

Cooking up the perfect TikTok video often starts before you even hit the record button. To reel in your viewers, lining up your visuals with the right sound is crucial. Trimming your chosen sound or music before you start recording can help you get a smooth mix of audio and video. Here’s how I chop sound on TikTok before I start recording a video:

1. The first step to chopping sound on TikTok is firing up the app and hitting the “+” icon smack in the middle at the bottom of your screen.

how to trim a sound on tiktok

2. Tap on the ‘Add a Sound‘ option at the top of the screen. This opens up TikTok’s massive library of sounds and tunes. From here, pick the sound or song that you wanna drop into your video.

how to cut sound on tiktok

3. Once you’ve picked your sound, you’ll see a music note icon with a pair of scissors on the right side of the screen. This is your key to trimming. Tap this icon to open the sound trimming tool.

how to trim tik tok audio

4.To trim, all you gotta do is slide this waveform to the part of the sound you wanna use. When you’re happy with your pick, tap the “Done” to seal the deal.

how to cut a sound on tiktok

This method on how to chop sound on TikTok before recording lets you nail the essence of your video with precision. So go on, explore the sounds, and start creating!

How to Trim Sound on TikTok After Recording

When I’m making a TikTok video, there are times when I snag the perfect clip first and figure out the sound later. If you’re like me and sometimes like to pick the sound after you’ve shot your video, you’ll be stoked to know that TikTok lets you chop sound even after recording. Here’s how I chop sound on TikTok after I’ve wrapped up recording or uploading a video:

1. Fire up TikTok and tap the “+” icon to either record a fresh video or upload an oldie from your device’s library. Either way works and depends on what you’re feeling.

how to trim a sound on tiktok

2. Once your video is ready to roll, it’s time to find the perfect sound to back it up. Click on the “Sounds” icon tucked away in the bottom-left corner of the screen. This will take you to TikTok’s massive library of sounds and tunes. Pick the one that vibes best with your video.

how to trim a tiktok sound

3. After you’ve picked your sound, you’ll see the familiar scissors icon. Tap on it to open up the sound trimming tool. From here, you’re free to tweak the sound however you want. Just slide the sound wave to set where your audio kicks in and winds down.

how to trim sound on tik tok

4. Once you’re happy with the trimming, lock it in by tapping the “Done“. Your sound is now custom-fitted to your video.

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FAQs about Trimming Sound on TikTok

TikTok’s sound chopping feature is pretty easy to get the hang of, but like any gadget, certain questions might pop up as you start to use it more. To clear up any confusion, I’ve put together some commonly asked questions that I often bumped into when learning how to chop sound on TikTok.

1. How long can my TikTok video be?

Back in the day, TikTok videos could only be up to 1 minute long. But in October 2021, TikTok extended this limit, letting creators post videos up to 3 minutes long.

2. Can I kick off music at a different spot in my TikTok video, not just at the start?

Absolutely, TikTok’s sound chopping feature lets you call the shots on exactly where your music kicks in. Just slide the slider to where you want it when you tap on the scissors icon. Or, you can also use third-party apps like CapCut or InShot to mess with your audio.

3. Can I chop the sound of videos after posting on TikTok?

Sadly, once your video is up, you can’t chop the audio or tweak any other bits. If you want to chop the sound, you’ll need to whip up a new video using the ‘Use this sound’ feature.

4. Why can’t I use the whole TikTok sound?

This mainly boils down to copyright and licensing rules. Typically, the longest duration of a song you can use on TikTok is 15 seconds. If you don’t play by these rules, TikTok might hit mute on your videos as a penalty.


Getting the hang of how to chop sound on TikTok really amps up your video making game and makes your TikTok content even more catchy. With just a few easy steps, you can fine-tune the audio of your videos to match your creative vision, whether you’re adding sound before or after shooting your footage. And remember, while TikTok has a ton of sounds to pick from, the freedom to tweak them to your liking really lets your creativity run wild. Knowing how to chop sounds effectively will definitely make your TikTok videos stand out from the crowd. I hope this guide brought to you by 123Tik has made chopping sound on TikTok a piece of cake for you. Remember, there’s no limit to creativity on TikTok.

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