How to Save a TikTok Draft to Camera Roll: Easy Guide 2023

As a TikTok creator, I’m always messing around and coming up with videos that aren’t quite ready to go public. It’s super handy to have drafts I can keep for my eyes only or go back to later for a bit of a touch-up. It was when I learned how to save a TikTok draft to camera roll that this process became a seamless part of my creative routine. This trick doesn’t just keep my videos safe but also makes it a breeze to share them on other social media or messaging apps. With the crazy speed that social media trends change and spread, especially from TikTok, having quick access to my drafts is a must. By saving a TikTok draft to my camera roll, I can jump on these trends with ease.

How to Save a TikTok Draft to Camera Roll

Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android like me, the steps to save a TikTok draft to your camera roll are pretty much the same. Here’s how I do it:

1. I hit the Profile button at the bottom of the screen, then tap on the Drafts folder.

how to save tiktok drafts

2. In the Drafts folder, I click on the video I wanna save to my camera roll.

how to save tiktok drafts to camera roll

3. Then, I tap ‘Next‘ at the bottom of the screen to move on.

how to save tiktok draft to camera roll

4. On the settings page of the draft video, I click on ‘Who can watch this video‘ and choose ‘Only me.

how to save drafts on tiktok

5. I scroll down a bit and click on ‘More options.’

how to save a draft on tiktok

6. Then, I check ‘Save to device‘ is turned on by swiping the button to the right. I tap the ‘X‘ at the top left to go back to the settings page.

how to download tiktok drafts

7. Last, I tap ‘Post.’ The video gets posted but stays private and saved on my device.

save tiktok draft to phone

Why Save TikTok Drafts To The Camera Roll?

I’ve often caught myself wondering why it’s a big deal to save TikTok drafts to my camera roll, and I bet you’ve had the same question. The main reason is all about keeping your stuff safe. If I were to delete TikTok or switch my account to a different phone, any video saved just as a draft would be lost, as drafts are kept on your phone, not on TikTok’s servers. So, if I wanna make sure my TikTok drafts stick around, it’s super important to save them to my camera roll before deleting the app or swapping devices.

Sadly, as far as I know (as of September 2021), TikTok doesn’t have a straight-up way to save a draft to the camera roll. I’ve gotta first post the draft privately, then save it from there. While this process might seem a bit roundabout, TikTok is always changing and adding new stuff, so an easier option might pop up in the future. In the meantime, the good news is I can still keep my drafts safe using the steps I’ve mentioned, which makes me feel more in control of my stuff. And once the video is on my camera roll, I can always choose to delete the private video from TikTok if I want.

So, in a nutshell, saving TikTok drafts to the camera roll is a smart move to look after and keep control over my content, letting me go back, edit, or share it whenever I feel like it.

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Getting the hang of how to save a TikTok draft to camera roll gives you a heap of control over your vids. It makes a safe space for your drafts, letting you look after, spruce up, and share your videos beyond TikTok. At first, the process might seem a bit tricky, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll find it pretty straightforward. For creators like us, getting these steps down is a really valuable part of our TikTok journey. And remember, apps like TikTok are always changing, so there might be easier ways to do things in the future.

Here at 123Tik, we’re all about helping you stay on top of the latest tips and trends. Stay tuned for more advice, and keep growing your creative collection by saving your TikTok drafts to your camera roll. Let your creativity run wild and enjoy a smooth-sailing TikTok journey.

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