How To Find Someone on TikTok in 4 Ways: Step by Step

You’re stuck in the wild whirl of TikTok, chuckling, gaping, and just blown away by all the crazy cool stuff. And now you’re itching to find some peeps in this mad party, ain’t ya? Maybe you’ve got a content maker or two on your mind, who just tickles your fancy. Well, hang on tight ’cause I’m gonna spill the beans on “how to find someone on TikTok“. From the easy-breezy way of searching names and usernames, to the smart moves of syncing your phone pals and Facebook buds, we’ve got your back. So, buckle up to dive deeper into the TikTok whirlwind.

How to Find Someone on TikTok

Ah, TikTok. An endless circus of fun where you can trip over a creator that you just gotta follow. But how do you track down someone on TikTok, this teeming digital marketplace? No worries, ’cause I’ve got the skinny right here:

  • Digging up their TikTok username
  • Scanning their TikTok QR code
  • Hunting them down in your contact list
  • Bringing them in from your Facebook buddies

Piece of cake, huh? But wait, there’s a curveball. What if you wanna be all sneaky, wanting to watch their TikTok vids on the down-low, without asking for their username? Or maybe they’ve switched up their username, leaving you with zilch when you search. Well, don’t sweat it. I get it, you need a little guidance, a way to find that hard-to-get TikToker without their username in your toolkit. Well, that’s just why this post is here. Keep on reading, mate, as I shed some light on this intriguing trip.

Finding Someone by their TikTok Username

Their username, my friend! This pretty basic bunch of characters can be your golden ticket to their content world. If they’re famous or got a special niche, just chuck that topic in the search bar and kick off the hunt. You might just trip over their profile among the other treasures.

Now, let me show you how to use this reliable old mate, the discover feature:

1. Pop the name or username of the person you’re hunting for into the search bar.

tiktok search user

2. Click on the account you’re after! You’re on their profile. Hit the Follow button to start following your fave creator.

how to find someone on tik tok

Finding Someone by Their TikTok QR Code

Ever felt like you’re in a spy flick, scanning QR codes to crack secrets? Welcome to TikTok, where we live that movie scene every day with something called TikCodes. These unique QR codes are like digital ID cards, letting users connect in a snap.

This handy feature gives you a super simple way to link up with your TikTok buddies. Plus, for extra convenience, you can even stash their unique TikCode as a pic on your phone.

So, how does one go about scanning a TikTok QR code, you ask? Well, let me lead you through it:

1. Open up the app and give the “Profile” button a tap.

tiktok profile search

2. Once you’re on your Profile page, go ahead and select the “QR Code” icon next to your username

how to find someone's tiktok

3. Next, Your personal TikTok code pops up. You can have folks scan this, or fling your code over to them via Messenger, Facebook, SMS, Instagram, and so on.

find tiktok user

4. If you want to scan someone else’s code, tap the “Scan” icon in the upper-right corner of your screen.

how to find people on tiktok

Finding Someone by Your Contact List

Remember the cool old days when we’d dig through our phonebook to nab a buddy’s number? Well, TikTok’s put a rad spin on this dusty trick. You can quickly find your mates on TikTok right from your phone’s contact list. Let me spill the beans on this.

1. Go to your profile page and give that “Add friends” button a nice smack.

how do you find someone on tiktok

2. Under the search bar, you’ll spot a ‘Find‘ chillin’ next to ‘Contacts

how to search people on tiktok

3. TikTok needs a bit of trust here, asking to peek at your contacts. Hit ‘Open settings’ and make sure TikTok gets the go-ahead.

4. Speed back to your TikTok app, and you’ll spot a goldmine – a bunch of accounts TikTok dug up from your contacts.

Finding Someone Among Your Facebook Friends

We’ve all got that list of Facebook buds we’ve collected over the years, a wild bunch of pals, fam, and peeps we’ve met. Ever thought this could be your cheat sheet to tracking down friends on TikTok? Well, it sure can be! Let me show you how to build a bridge between your Facebook and TikTok circles.

1. Start your journey on your TikTok profile page, smacking the “Add friends” button perched in the upper left corner.

how do you find someone on tiktok
2. Peep under the search bar and smack “Find” tucked next to “Facebook friends“.

Record – 11

3. TikTok’s gonna ask for a bit of faith here, needing you to log into your Facebook. This lets TikTok peek at your Facebook deets. Smack “OK” to push on.

4. Next, you’ll see a page saying that TikTok’s gonna get your name, profile picture, and pals list. Ready to dive in? Smack “Continue as [your name].

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Why You Can’t Find Someone’s TikTok Account

Now, we’ve been on a crazy trip, haven’t we? Digging through TikTok’s corners and crevices to nab that one hard-to-find account. But sometimes, despite giving it your all, you might wind up with zilch. You might be scratching your noggin and wondering, “Why the heck can’t I find them?” Let me spill some light on this riddle.

  1. They don’t have a TikTok account: As wild as it may sound, not everyone’s on TikTok, busting out moves or sharing cool tricks. So, if the person you’re after hasn’t hopped on the TikTok train yet, you won’t see them there.
  2. Their TikTok account is hush-hush: Some peeps like to keep their TikTok universe on the down-low, making their account private. So, if the user you’re on the hunt for has a hush-hush TikTok account, you can’t bust into their world until they give your follow request a thumbs-up.
  3. They’ve ditched their TikTok account: It’s a bummer, but sometimes folks decide to wave goodbye to TikTok, scrubbing their accounts. So, if the user you’re after has ditched TikTok, they’ve poofed from the platform, and you won’t spot them there.

In these situations, you might feel like you’re chasing a ghost in the buzzing world of TikTok. But remember, sometimes, the chase is as rad as the snag! Keep digging and loving the ride.


You’re now loaded with all the sneaky moves and tips to ace the game of “how to find someone on TikTok”. Whether it’s using the ‘Discover’ button, scanning the nifty TikCode, rummaging through your phone buddies, or even hopping over from your Facebook pals list, we’ve charted all routes for you. Remember, the TikTok universe is a mega playground. So, don’t sweat it if you can’t spot someone right off the bat. They could be on the down-low, not on TikTok, or maybe they’ve just decided to chill for a bit. The key is to keep at it and love the journey. I hope this guide from 123Tik has been your roadmap in trekking the TikTok landscape. Now, it’s your turn to put this know-how to work and make some killer connections.

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