My name is Alinea Sentosa, a 32-year-old developer from New Jersey, since childhood I have loved computers and programming languages, I like c++, python.
I work in some outsoure software companies and have quite a few projects developed for the community, projects on youtube, small utilities for customers who need to look up information.
I also develop news websites to users. Currently, I am programming web using PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Fuelphp, Codeigniter, I also study SEO to optimize the user's search results. I often use React Native to build my small projects on Google Play, Apple Store.

123Tik is a project to provide users with the ability to download TikTok video files for free, you can also download TikTok mp3 files for free and no ads, this is a development project for the community so you won't be bothered by ads.
This TikTok download utility helps you download videos without the TikTok logo in the download file, which is convenient for those who want to refer to the content and develop new interesting videos.